Common Volvo ECU problem and How to Fix

Volvo check engine light: How to fix common Volvo ECU problem.

Applies to many Volvo computers used on 240, 740, 760, 940 models. Water droplets drip onto the top of the ECU box and over time can get on the circuit board. Quite often this results in the car running rich, stalling, and throwing check engine light but water can create any number of problems.
Including but not limited to:
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How to fix:
◆ Remove the ECU by removing the kick panel on passenger side front. Remove the ECU cover by prying back the tabs that hold the cover to the ECU chassis.

◆ You will need good light to examine carefully the circuit board.

◆ If you find white tracks from minerals in water that leaked in likely electricity is leaking via these tracks. Carefully and thoroughly clean the circuit board with a Q-tip and WD40 or equivalent cleaner.

There are of course other causes that cause an ECU to fail but this is a common one, especially in places like the Pacific Northwest where we get a lot of rain.

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